We use only the finest canvas available to produce your artwork. We have three types Décor (best everyday canvas) Archival (Museum quality Certified by The Fine Art Trade Guild of North America) and Metallic (Silverada) pearlescent finish. 


  • Perfect for home décor and family images.
  • Heavy weight 405gsm Matte Canvas.
  • Delivers a reliable, durable and consistent finish; uniform canvas with excellent print quality.


  • Perfect for High-end fine art prints.
  • Heavy weight 405gsm Matte Canvas.
  • Our Acid Free canvas has the most advanced microporous coating for optimal ink load and image definition on a bright white matte canvas.
  • OBA (Optical Brightener Additives) Free canvas with superior resolution, greater Dmax (maximum of optical density which refers to the deepest black that can be measured after printing) and a wider colour gamut.
  • OBA Free Canvas provides natural white colour remaining consistent under different lighting conditions and colour will remain consistent over time.
  • Your canvas is certified for over a 100 years of display life.


  • Must be seen in person to see its true features.
  • Heavy weight 425gsm Pearlescent Canvas
  • No Lamination required as the finish is vibrant and brilliant.


  • Wraparound area: Mirror (most popular), Image, Black or White
  • Choice of Thickness (1.5”) or Thin (.75”) Stretcher Bar


Your canvas is hand stretched onto kiln dried solid wood frames ensuring your canvas will never warp or sag over time. 

Available in sizes up to 40” wide by any length.

All canvas is laminated for added UV and fading protection. 

Easy to care for, simply clean with a damp cloth.

How To Submit

Upload the image or bring in the image to our store (uncompressed-JPEG, TIFF or PSD).

Check that the resolution is adequate for your print size (recommended resolution is from 150-300 pixels/inch.

Online orders require full payment up front, in store orders we ask for a deposit upon drop-off (minimum 50%)

We endeavour to meet your required turnaround time but typically ask for 2 weeks.


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